Sunday, April 19, 2015

Complete Facts and Trivia about Butterflies 01/10

There are about 28,000 known Butterfly species throughout the world.

Caterpillar grows to about 27,000 times the size it was when it first emerged from its egg. Because the caterpillar's skin doesn't grow along with it as ours does, it must periodically shed the skin as it becomes too tight. Most caterpillars molt five times before entering the pupa stage.

Caterpillars are boneless, but have over 1000 muscles. These muscles help the caterpillar move very quickly from place to place, and so both aid in finding new food and in escaping from predators. Butterflies are a valuable source of food for various birds, which are as necessary for maintaining the ecological balance.

Coenonympha pamphilus, Fadet commun ou Procris, Small Heath

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