Sunday, September 25, 2016

06 - 10 Tips for...

...Attracting Butterflies to Your Backyard
Acronicta rumicisProvide host plants for caterpillars
If it's a true butterfly habitat, your garden will include a number of different host plants for caterpillars. Remember, you need to feed the larvae, too, not just the adult butterflies. And female butterflies will be cruising your garden, looking for places to lay their eggs.

Dolerus sp.
Some species are specialists, requiring host plants from a particular genus or family. Other butterflies aren't as picky, and will deposit eggs on a range of plants.

Dolerus sp.

Acronicta rumicis

Acronicta rumicis

Many caterpillars feed on trees and shrubs, rather than herbaceous plants, so include some woody plants in your habitat. As a bonus, they'll provide shelter for overwintering or roosting butterflies, too. 

Dolerus sp.

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